Late acclaimed art critic Martha Scott Beaver once wrote "Campbell Frost is one of the best photorealism artists in the state [of South Carolina]." For over a decade, Campbell taught painting as an ambassador of the South Carolina Arts Commission, and was invited to join the prestigious National Society for Literature and the Arts in the 1970s. Since those early days, Campbell has taught thousands of Carolinians his painting techniques in the mediums of oils and acrylics. Some students, themselves now professional artists, continue to attend his weekly classes after undergoing over 40 years of personal tutelage. Dedicated to teaching others, Campbell placed his personal interests--actually selling his own works--on hold for nearly five decades. In 2023, at age 80, he finally decided to begin releasing the favorite pieces he's created since the 1970s. Serious art collectors now have the opportunity to own one of these very limited exemplary pieces of representational realism for the first time. Campbell's works are created on fine canvas, and of the highest-quality archival paints. Much of Campbell Frost's recently-released artwork is now licensed internationally, and can be seen on products ranging from puzzles, to calendars, to commercially-produced quilting fabric. A very few of his original paintings (and newly created hand-embellished prints) are proudly displayed in the homes and offices of collectors who appreciate works of realism focused on Southeastern regional country, mountain, and coastal settings. In recent times, Campbell has also begun creating a very few works of surrealism. These works of art have been hidden from the public since being painted, some of them, more than four decades ago. Featured on this site are some of his few remaining original favorites and large-scale, hand-embellished, prints (the latter pieces each unique, and available in strictly-limited signed and numbered editions of only 10). These works may be purchased online now, or (if you prefer) are offered for your personal examination, and--if you reside in eastern Tennessee, eastern Georgia, or the Carolinas--can be delivered to your home or office for private inspection. This kind of personalized service is rarely offered in the art world, but we are confident that (like the discriminating collectors before you), you will be delighted by what you see. To schedule a viewing, complete the form found on our menu's Contact tab. Please NOTE that a $150 delivery fee applies only if you elect not to purchase the item or items you request. You may personally view multiple paintings simultaneously, if you desire, at your convenience.
A Campbell Frost painting is a window in time.


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